Alamo Triad: Travis, Crockett, Bowie


Three men stand together -

yet each ultimately alone -

armed with their weapons of choice,

armed to face whatever the next moment brings.

William B. Travis
William B. Travis
1809 - 1836
William Barrett Travis, Byronic in stance, looking off for help that will never come, is likewise trying to envision the very future of Texas.
Davy Crockett, feet planted firmly apart in the knowledge that he has "gone ahead" to a position he feels is "right,"
David Crockett
David Crockett
1786 - 1836
is doing what he has always done so enjoyably and colorfully - talking. He is talking to --
James Bowie who stands with head bowed in contemplation of his past, of his beloved deceased wife, his deep ties with Mexico. He thinks on the past and, perhaps now feeling a touch of the sickness that will help kill him, wonders if there will even be a future.
James Bowie
James Bowie
1796 - 1836

Three men -

legends in their lifetimes -

about to become legends

for all time.


Bronze: 19" x 26" x 10"

All 3 figures on single base as a set: limited edition of 15

Individual figures: limited edition of 25 apiece

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