Lincoln: Public and Personal Moments in Bronze
Exhibition at The Lincoln Museum in Fort Wayne, Indiana
January 16 - July 6, 2006


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The Lincoln Museum Store- Fort Wayne, Indiana Presents
The bronze art of Richard Masloski, an exhibition entitled, Lincoln: Personal and Public Moments in Bronze
January 16, 2006 – July 1, 2006

The Lincoln Museum, Fort Wayne, Indiana.  The Lincoln Museum Store announces a new art exhibition.  The bronze art of Richard Masloski will be showcased in an exhibition titled, Lincoln: Personal and Public Moments in Bronze. The exhibit will open on January 16, 2006 and be available through July1 2006.  The artwork in the Masloski exhibit will be available for special order through the Museum Store. Five artists’ proofs will be included:  Mr. Lincoln; Prairie Lawyer; A Speech at Gettysburg; Lincoln in Peekskill; and Moody Tearful Night.

Born in Cornwall, New York in 1954, Richard Masloski has devoted his entire artistic life to embodying in sculpture the ideals and principles that have made this country great. He has consistently striven to accurately and poetically capture in bronze the American experience, both in its historical and legendary aspects.

In addition to showing his work in numerous galleries and exhibitions, he is proud to list a number of public works to his credit. Upcoming monuments include a life-size Abraham Lincoln for Peekskill, NY and a life-size Gold Star Mother's Memorial for Yonkers, NY.

When asked why he sculpts Abraham Lincoln, Masloski states, “He was Ugly.  He was Beautiful. He was a Politician.  He was a Poet.  He was one Man. He became a Nation. Without him, the United States might not exist.  Without him as President, America would most likely be today a loose confederation of states and not the unified whole he saw it as his duty to preserve...and as a splintered nation it might well have been overtaken in later years by foreign powers. Lincoln was akin to a destined Mystic...who could vibrantly see that America would be needed in decades far beyond his serve as a light in the coming darkness of desperate time.”

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