Rip Van Winkle




Stage One

In the first phase of enlarging an 11" x 18" x 15" model of Rip Van Winkle into a life-size work, a steel armature (a skeleton, in essence) is first built to scale based on measurements of the plaster model as seen in the photographs above. This armature will support the cardboard "musculature" and clay "skin" that will subsequently be applied. In the above photos, artisans at PAW (Polich Art Works) Foundry in Rock Tavern, New York are seen building the armature.

Stage Two

A cardboard and styrofoam "musculature" is built around the completed armature. The plaster model can also be seen - it is from this small version that all the measurements for the life-sized reproduction are being taken.

Stage Three

Here the clay is being applied to the steel and cardboard support. Rip is being roughly massed out.

Stage Four

Massing out of Rip continues.

Stage Five

The artist begins work detailing the enlargement.

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